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  1. Paul Morphy sacrifices 3 piece… C_chess_T A great game of Morphy!
  2. Legal's mat - whether does it … C_chess_T I've put the legal's mat once in the tournament game :)
  3. Please rate Keres has sacrific… C_chess_T Nothing was heard about it, but it can be.
  4. The Greatest Chess Blunder of … C_chess_T A big mistake of Garry Kasparov!
  5. Lasker's chess blunder! C_chess_T Chess blunder of Lasker on video!
  6. The most famous Traps in the B… C_chess_T Traps in the Benko Gambit!
  7. Steinitz got the queen sacrifi… C_chess_T Walter Grimshaw played chess with the future World Champion Wilhelm St…
  8. Famous chess traps in the open… C_chess_T You can write reviews here on video.
  9. Kasparov blunders and loses a … C_chess_T Do you mean Anand? :)
  10. Chess ratings vs. daily form P7formula At lichess you can request to take back a move this alone makes the ra…
  11. Rhyming game LOVEBurittos No cuss words okay. Dog
  12. Rhyming game LOVEBurittos I start with a word and you have to find a rhyming word.
  13. Longer list of worst rated def… Toscani Learning by our mistakes becomes even more useful if we can look at wh…
  14. graph next to chess insights seanysean @brudi the graph is your bullet rating I think.
  15. graph next to chess insights kifaru For example you can slide the left side to the right to adjust the per…
  16. Kasparov blunders and loses a … P7formula !!!!! the kings indian
  17. Users should get a trophy for … jonesmh But it would give an incentive for trolls and posts for posts' sake.
  18. Users should get a trophy for … TheDudeAbides I think it would be cool man. Plus give more people a reason to post. …
  19. Awful beginner games TheIceManV That hippo defense in Game 2 @Runero....rough stuff :) But overall…
  20. Possibly the most interesting … Gaby_Groseille Thank you for the Morphy and Lasker games, very interesting! Have a n…
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