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Hourly Classical 1h 57m 485
Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 80
U2000 Blitz 57m 85
Hourly Blitz 57m 135
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 227
Hourly Bullet 27m 66
Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 1
U1600 Classical 57m 1
Faragó 1.5+1 Atom Rated 1h 50m 32
Dlugy 7+2 Rated 2h 16
Matlakov 7+0 40m 6
Razuvaev 5+0 Rated 45m 6
Pachl 4+0 Anti Rated 1h 11
Wood 0+1 KotH Rated 45m 9
Filip 7+0 40m 2
Ranken 0+2 Rated 25m 2
Beliavsky 3+0 Racing Rated 2h 3
Byrne 3+2 Atom Rated 2h 1
Ivanchuk 7+0 Anti 40m 3
Klein 2+0 Rated 40m 3
Fuderer 0+1 Anti Rated 1h 1
Gulko 5+0 45m 1
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  1. Bahadir Ozen Horse_Badorties is doing fine so far in the World School Cha…
  2. Future of lichess horny-king I just want to say.... THANK YOU Thibault.
  3. How does white cash in on the … Eldrail Actually it is not that easy to see this. Looking at some moves after …
  4. Future of lichess peyop As a developer and a chess player I'm impressed by lichess quality, lo…
  5. lichess puzzle bug thibault it's fixed now.
  6. Puzzle 19147 Error thibault Thanks, it's fixed.
  7. Future of lichess thibault Hi, lichess is a french non-profit association now. Also I'm not…
  8. Can't believe I won this! rallzetime Here's the game
  9. How does white cash in on the … max123 Yes, ke7 was blacks recommended best move after kd1. After that I just…
  10. Puzzle Training - Cannot load … Toadofsky Thanks for sharing. A similar issue is observed with http://en.liches…
  11. Bullet games: jerky to watch Egroegw Is this unfeasible for the server?
  12. Christmas Present? mCoombes314 Bughouse wouldn't be an "at least".... even though the mechanics of th…
  13. Future of lichess Gaby_Groseille Hello, well, i prefer to think that if Thibault had to leave, he woul…
  14. Future of lichess SuperGeroy But the domain name is registered to someone (Thibault probably) and t…
  15. Future of lichess jimj12 Should add to that: as long as there are people who will pay for it
  16. Future of lichess LM OhNoMyPants This is one of the many benefits of open source projects. Thibault is …
  17. No more points ? AltriTempi I was wondering about that myself... but thought it might concern only…
  18. How does white cash in on the … ireallylikechess Though Ke7 is another option...
  19. How does white cash in on the … ireallylikechess Kd1,Qf4 g3! White wins a piece
  20. Puzzle Training - Cannot load … bazookat I was able to load an updated puzzle today, but after clicking continu…
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Lock the doors, this ends tonight!

2016 WCC, Game 12: A Toothless 35 Minute Draw

Fans disappointed, tie breaks on Wednesday

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