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  1. Constant reconnecting issue pepe1 Can't play like this!!
  2. Constant reconnecting issue pepe1 You are the providers?
  3. Replay the game with exact move times pepe1 Or at least to show the time remaining on each move. That would be nice too.
  4. Chess Challenge chessderek lol yeah that's probably true for me too
  5. Chess Challenge chess3141592 would love to, but can't
  6. Constant reconnecting issue Acebulf JVM is around 8GB too!
  7. Constant reconnecting issue DzoHusafet MongoBD 58GB Memory usage :D
  8. Constant reconnecting issue Acebulf I just played a game, and me and my opponent kept adding time. Otherwi […]
  9. Constant reconnecting issue ScarletPimpernel ditto and sometimes the captcha lets me just move lots of pieces about!!!
  10. Constant reconnecting issue pepe1 Me too. It happened to me all day long.
  11. Constant reconnecting issue cafestream I am sure it will be fixed soon.
  12. Training: Openings bosspotato "Memorizing an opening is not always a good idea." - MrDimitar I be […]
  13. Constant reconnecting issue gemurdock Me as well! I would support lichess, but I am a greedy bastard!!! I pr […]
  14. Constant reconnecting issue Marcchacador I lost a won game because I ran out of time right now. Sadly, this may […]
  15. Constant reconnecting issue Bobby64 me too : 2 loses with this !
  16. Constant reconnecting issue NM Horobetz It's ridiculously annoying, every other move it seems I am reconnected […]
  17. Chess Challenge polski_ogorkie it will be Sunday September the 21st at 2 PM Canadian Ottawa time.
  18. Chess Challenge polski_ogorkie I forgot to mention, it is chess 960
  19. Chess Challenge polski_ogorkie please submit entries under here:
  20. Chess Challenge polski_ogorkie I am going to play 5 people at the same time, casual, 25+0, first five […]
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