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Daily Bullet 1h 4
Hourly Blitz 56m 10
Hourly Crazyhouse 56m 1
Hourly Classical 1h 56m 11
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 1
Crazyhouse Weekly IV 2h 124
Negi 6+0 Rated 1h 6
Webb 5+0 Rated 30m 5
Mayet 0+1 Atom Rated 2h 7
Tringov 2+0 Atom Rated 20m 1
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  10. King's Indian Defense: Benko A… MorningCoffee IF black plays Kh8-Ng8 he wants to exchange darksquare bishops, block …
  11. Who will win if Kasparov vs Na… MorningCoffee Ok, Kasparov is currently playing in a blitz tournament , consisting o…
  12. Who will win if Kasparov vs Na… VernonHardapple Had Kasparov won would he play Caruana next?
  13. Who will win if Kasparov vs Na… MorningCoffee If you translate this in English, I will provide you with an answer
  14. Who will win if Kasparov vs Na… IslandTman If Kasparov won then will he plays Caruana next?
  15. Why different ping values? Chesstroll_Ingot When I look on my ping at the main Lichess page, it shows ping about 2…
  16. Any advise on how to improve? cacheyourdreams Replying to your question to todo_pro, is good f…
  17. Any advise on how to improve? LM OhNoMyPants Here's one way for some major improvement if you're willing to put in …
  18. Attack on both wins, with quee… FreeTradeAgreement Be3 is a very creative idea, instead of immediately cashing in on the …
  19. Attack on both wins, with quee… VernonHardapple very nice finish
  20. Chat Room The-Force-Is-Strong Hey Guys! Wouldn't it be so much easier if in the chat room, it would …
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