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  1. Start new game button gone littleguitar Sorry, What do you say about a link to play again after the end of a […]
  2. Stockfish 8 openings Legit-Lobster By the way the same applies to other white choices, against d4 the com […]
  3. Filter games by type in the profile Clarkey It's on the todo list. Hopefully early next year some time, after the […]
  4. Filter games by type in the profile PigsRule I would use this feature quite often if it existed.
  5. Filter games by type in the profile mCoombes314 With variant type as well... This would be awesome
  6. Voting about changes PigsRule My opinion of changes varies between what they do. For example, the […]
  7. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt Well-known mate from puzzles. =)))
  8. Voting about changes Clarkey We most definitely will not be implementing a voting system of that ki […]
  9. Voting about changes thibault It happens. The global, multichannel chat comes to mind.
  10. Voting about changes queensac I don't remember such case when admins said "we did some shit, sorry w […]
  11. Voting about changes queensac you said "sometimes". How many times you did not ingore complaints?
  12. Voting about changes thibault I'm all for hearing what players like and want. But there will be no v […]
  13. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt Just fun))
  14. Voting about changes queensac beginning of 2nd line "i appreciate it"
  15. Voting about changes queensac Admins constantly change everything on lichess and i understand them b […]
  16. Aborted games PigsRule @Farside I agree with you on that, but aborting games because they're […]
  17. Aborted games Farside You should be able to abort a game for any reason you feel like. Who […]
  18. Filter games by type in the profile POMMODORO When I go to my profile, I can see all the games I played. But... Why […]
  19. Start new game button gone Clarkey It's just a link to the homepage. There's already two of them on the Play page.
  20. Start new game button gone rfw It used to be very convenient to start a new game after previous game […]
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