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 Hourly Blitz 50m  7
 Galloway  7+2 Rated 40m  1/4
 Alston  1+0 Rated 20m  2/4
 Blake  3+0 Atom Rated 2h  2/4
 Sherman  7+2 Rated 40m  6/4
 Wrenn  0+1 Rated 30m  4/4
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  1. Queen is overrated LM F_D89 #3 Nc3 as a follow up move as made by SF is not good. The aim is to […]
  2. Queen is overrated CautiousKamikaze Queen is definitely the yummiest piece on the board... […]
  3. ChessBot available? thibault it doesn't work.
  4. stupid avast purefan The more "obscure" the OS, the lower chances of being attacked, try Qu […]
  5. Spock is Dead UncrownedRoyalty This is a very sad day for me. The character Spock made such a big i […]
  6. ChessBot available? Baluk Hi, I found on github a chessbot for lichess.. There should be a c […]
  7. Lichess Extra Pieces Reminder Baluk Chrome Dev tools is to see the css codes. Then painting programs to c […]
  8. Better boards for lichess? Isaiah4031 It looks pretty cool to me -- a workable option?
  9. Lichess Extra Pieces Reminder Baluk Updating the code becasue of 3d pieces made difference in codein of bo […]
  10. Better boards for lichess? Baluk Update of userstye boards is coming: […]
  11. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] rzenaikrzys Wow, @motion,really good result, My the best is 22, http://pl.liche […]
  12. Queen is overrated static_shadow Yes, Black is winning the rook and has clear compensation for the quee […]
  13. Queen is overrated anoneal01 Well, I don't see why you're right although white moves first and give […]
  14. Queen is overrated motion check this, some blitz with stockfish It might help get an idea, how […]
  15. Queen is overrated motion its a very sharp game, you should have played, he should not have resi […]
  16. Queen is overrated bobina7 Most players, especially in my elo overrate the queen. Like, ridiculou […]
  17. Feature request: Clear games i […] hek Yes, except they're all engine games. I don't think that engines care […]
  18. Spock is Dead Isaiah4031 Thanks Chunky! Whoa... I didn't have the news on ... LIVE LONG... "I […]
  19. perfect player motion I would call it equilibrium rather than perfect player , yes there ar […]
  20. perfect player pizzathegreat I have over 1500 for all variants, but I play with people I know in th […]
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